Terry Whistler – Founder / Creative Director / Guru

A long time ago, Terry decided he wasn’t going to play by the rules. And because of that decision things weren’t always easy. But at least he’s traveled his own path. A true free spirit, Terry has spent his life pursuing creative expression. He is, at the core, an artist, having painted, drawn and sculpted since kindergarten. He’s passionate about the martial arts, both internal and external and has spent more than half a lifetime as a student and teacher. He’s also an avid writer and has written screenplays and manuscripts. Terry’s love of art in all its forms is what makes him such a great communicator and problem solver. To Terry, emotionally engaging and connecting with an audience is the essence of all great art, and the art of brand marketing is on the front line. Great brands effectively cut themselves from the pack and define their own boundaries, defying convention and the status quo. Terry has skillfully been helping brands accomplish this for more than 30 years.


Jeaneen-Photo---DSC0723Jeaneen Whistler – Co-Owner / Account Director / Genius

Jeaneen should have gone to art school but her parents insisted she get a business degree, so she did. Still, it didn’t squelch the creative genius bubbling within. And even though Jeaneen’s primary role at Whistler is the daily management of our clients’ accounts, she is also a critical piece of the creative/strategic process and the inspirational spark behind many successful campaigns. For Jeaneen possesses the knack for finding the sweet spot of a product or brand. It’s the kind of thing that can’t be learned in school; it’s just one of those qualities you intuitively possess or not, and she does. At Whistler Creative, we believe the secret behind her unique ability is that she’s a great listener with an empathetic heart, allowing her to step inside a “customer’s shoes” and see the issue from their perspective. She’ll tell you “it’s her angels”. Either way, what Jeaneen brings to the table is spot-on creative thinking, buttoned up management skills, a boatload of marketing experience, and infectious positive energy.

rog-#2Roger Shopshire – Senior Art Director / Designer Extraordinaire / Buddha

Roger is an incredibly talented, well-seasoned, lightening-fast art director – and one of the coolest people you could ever meet. But you probably won’t, because as much as Rog loves pouring his 18+ years of hard knocks advertising and design experience into our clients projects, he’d rather not talk to you. It’s nothing personal; he just finds that with a deadline-oriented, fast-paced job like his, it’s best to stay centered and focused. Think of him as the Buddha of commercial art and design; super chill while constantly producing enlightened communications. Besides being an advertising Buddha, Rog is also a photographer, potter and an archer. He finds that all these things require the same skill set – patience, a keen eye and impeccable execution which come easy to Rog, because he’s put in the time to master them all. So while Rog is busy creating the next awesome logo or ad campaign for one our clients, he kindly requests that you don’t call him but instead email him. As it turns out, Buddha loves email.